About us

Our aim at Lazuz is to make your favorite sport more accessible, save you time, and thus promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Lazuz app was planned and created by a team of dedicated developers and designers to create the most user-friendly experience possible.

User Experience

We have intensely studied the needs of both players and facility managers, to create an optimal reservation process, so you can book your court in just three clicks.

Use anywhere

Lazuz is a global app that is making more and more sports facilities accessible around the world.

Reserve a court for your favorite sport

Synchronization in real-time of court availability, secured with the PCI level 1 standard

Management system for club owners

Efficiently manage all court rentals in your sports facility with a dynamic system that supports your specific needs, saving time and money in the process.

Supports smartphones

Lazuz works on all smartphones and provides automatic updates when new versions come out.

Free app

Lazuz was created out of personal frustration from a slow and complex process of reserving courts, which is why we decided to make this app free of charge.