Smart Gate

Lazuz provides an automated link between customers renting a court and the entrance gate to the club. It is easy to use for both players and club managers. When a player makes a reservation with the app they are provided direct access to their selected court and can open the gate with the click of a button. More time on the court, less hassle for everybody!

Advantage of reserving courts with a smart gate

  • Allows users to rent courts at their desired time and start playing without unnecessary waiting
  • Prevents arguments between players over who ordered which court
  • Reduces vandalism
  • Multiple management options: Select who can reserve a court, enable discounts or free use for local residents and club members, automatic receipts, and set your own cancellation policy.
  • Secure payment
  • User-friendly and seamless process for players and managers
  • User reviews for clubs on the app. Rank high and gain more loyal club members