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Join Lazuz as a partner and increase your sales with an advanced application

Your partner for business success - Lazuz system

Use our Lazuz system as the booking system for proper business management of the club whether it is a free service for the resident or the sale of dead hours with the Lazuz application

What you get from a partnership with Lazuz app

Management System

A customized system for the club’s needs, for pitch management and advanced functions.

Customer Service

Service available 24 hours a day, with an immediate response within minutes for you and the customers.

אפליקציית הזמנות לזוז

Booking App

Lazuz application is at the forefront of technology for ordering sports fields, to provide the customer with a simple order without wasting time and includes exposure of your club in the application to regular customers.

Digital advertising and exposure to the club

The lazuz company owns digital assets on WhatsApp and social networks with a loyal community of athletes that organizes competitions and sports trips around the world, the partner clubs receive publicity and exposure of the business to the community.

Payment and collection system

Management of subscriptions and cards professionally without interest, clearing of all credit cards including an overseas card without an additional fee.

Discounted commission

Lazuz’s partners work with a discounted commission and earn more.

Insights that can help your business grow

Sales data that will provide you with personalized tools for the growth of your business. Get access to easy-to-implement insights, track payments and orders, edit menu items, and discover performance metrics that can help you grow your business.

Receiving income with minimal effort

Do you want peace of mind in the management of the club? Start using the LAZUZ app and enjoy its many benefits. The app enables you to receive income passively, exposure to new audiences who would not have heard of the club without the app, and above all saves you a lot of time and hassle.

The LAZUZ app generates income for you, saves you the need to invest money on customer service, marketing, private apps, order system, clearing, terminals, payments and more.

How does it work?

The customers manage their orders through the application, each order enters your management system immediately, without any interference on your part.

We don't give up on any customer

Lazoz provides a response to all users and allows anyone to redeem or purchase cards in installments without interest.

We understand that every customer is important and should not be prevented from purchasing in any possible way that makes it easier for him, therefore a friendly application should be provided and allow the customer to pay in any way and without annoying small letters.

To choose Lezoz as your service provider to your customers or to the customers of the app indicates how important the customer is to you and you are interested in providing the best service to your customers.

looking forward to working with you!