Yes, we use all the security technologies required by credit card companies. Lazuz uses the PCI level I standard, the most comprehensive way to protect our client’s personal information from the moment of purchase until their card is charged. Credit card companies require every business that accepts payments via credit card to uphold the PCI 1 standard, and we do so at Lazuz.

Cancellation will abort any transaction made via the app. If you still see with your credit card company the reservation sum that was withheld, this will be canceled within a few days.

No, we protect our client’s privacy and do not pass on any details, we only share your name as provided in the app to ensure a smooth reservation process. The club where you reserved your court can contact you through our call center, so your phone number remains private.

We sympathize with unforeseen circumstances and enable a one-time extension of 6 months from the expiration date.

Enter the club page in the app where you can contact the club management, They will provide a receipt for your rental purchase that can be used on a later date.

A multiple rent card can be used only at the club where you made the order, under the category “multiple rent cards”.

Enter the club page in the app where you can contact the club management under “more info”. If they do not answer, contact Lazuz at 054-546620880.

If no suitable solution is found we will provide a full refund and a free receipt for use at the club equal to the sum of the refunded purchase.

In unusual cases such as extreme weather, renovations, traffic disruptions, and other rare occasions, we allow club owners to unilaterally change a reserved court or cancel a reservation entirely. You will receive a notification on your mobile phone and an email announcing the change. Sometimes you will also receive a phone call, We recommend checking the app before you go to the facility.

We welcome feedback on different clubs and facilities which is why we developed a ranking of different clubs on the app based on user experience.

Each club working with Lazuz is signed to a contract with very clear guidelines regarding cancellation and proper customer service.

Lazuz is not responsible for the behavior of club staff but reserves the right to stop working with any sports facility.

You should contact the staff at the club where the incident happened. Each sports facility has insurance for just such cases.

The club guarantees to hold your reservation, while the client is required to fulfill his or her obligation of the court rental.

Each club has a different policy regarding how close in advance a customer can cancel a reservation. These conditions are displayed when you make a reservation.

Please contact us at info@lazuz.co.il with a request that includes your name, phone number, date of purchase, and club name. If less than 14 days have passed since the purchase, we will provide a full refund.

We welcome new partners who wish to expose their facilities to tens of thousands of potential new customers. Please contact us at info@lazuz.co.il.

We seek to improve our service every day and welcome new recommendations. Contact us at info@lazuz.co.il and we will consider your proposal.